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This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Rebirth of the Dragons. The New Dragon Age
  • The Battle of the Dragon City11 min read

This is the first chapter of a story I called “Rebirth of the Dragons. The New Dragon Age”.

The story is inspired by a series of short stories I have written in Spanish, around a powerful mage, called the Berserk Magi.

I am quite aware that in correct English magi is meant as the plural for mage, but in this lore, it is the singular form of a learned mage.
Also, my Latin is quite rusty, meaning that most expressions in Latin are, most likely, inaccurate.

I began to write it in 2014, while taking my second year of my degree in English as part of an assignment. Over time, the story fell into oblivion and I never finished it. I have written nine short chapters of fourteen planned ones.

I have decided to publish my old unfinished stories anyway, as it would be shame to leave the rotting in a forgotten Scrivener project…

This story is as-is, without greater changes, I just fixed some grammatical slips and some typos. Taking this into account, the writing does not represent my actual skill I have developed since I have first written this story.


The battle of the Dragon City

Before my eyes, a new battlefield unfolds. I’ve lost the count a year ago, so many I’ve seen… and suffered… Neither I can remember when and how it all had begun. I doubt anyone remembers… Most only fight because of their Lords and Kings… Me? For the one who pays the best…

Yes, I’m a renegade from my race and a mercenary. Nobody wants me except for my skills as Ranger, Hunter and Beast Master. I seek the enemy’s location, establish a perimeter and inform my patron, cash in and disappear… In rare cases, I’m on the battlefield itself. Not many had ever hired me for this kind of work.

Today it will be different…

The battle of Angfron, the city of my ancestors, the Golden City, the Dragon City… Too many names for a single, small city raised in a valley in midst the Fire Mountains. Famous for its smiths who smite the most precious and strongest weapons and armors with the hellish fire of mother earth. Famous for its, once, fierce dragons and dragon masters.

It was said, dragons lived in peace with the local human and elf races, but they have disappeared long ago, the three of them…

Only half-breeds, half elf, half human live there nowadays. Nevertheless, they inherited the best of both bloodlines and are still the best smiths in the whole known world.
Why should I, a renegade, be welcomed by this city? I’m not sure… But this has to do with myself and my own pride…

Sitting on Koar, a big warg, I look into the skies, a high pitch shriek floats through them…

“Sha’am!” A big Silver Falcon glides down and perches down on my extended forearm. “Good girl. Are they ready?” Sha’am shrieks in answer. “Nice work.”

I begin a deep growl pitching up and ending in a high howl. Koar howls with me, more and more howls spread through the deep forest behind me.

“Howooo-ouulll!” while I howl Sha’am shrieks, bats her wings and lifts off elegantly. More shrieks follow hers… Koar begins to run while I take the first arrow out of my quiver and lay it on my bow.

Like a ferocious stampede, we break into the nearest battalion… The howls, growls and shrieks of beasts drown out the cries of men as I lead my own army of beasts into this gruesome battlefield…

Arrows fly from my bow into hearts and skulls of humans lost in despair and fear. There… a mighty ax warrior is stricken down by a simple piece of wood and iron…
A swordsman on my left is thrown to the ground by a wolf bite in his ankle, a warg kills him with a single bite in his neck. Another one suffers the same cruel death. An archer is pecked blind by several hawks.

Humans are no match for these well-organized beasts… They work neatly in team. Snakes slide hastily between the warrior and introduce in them their venom. One after another falls not sure what happened. In the rearguard, bears and wildcats began to overwhelm the clueless warriors.

An army of raptors circle the sky and shoot into the battlefield once they selected their prey.

In no time we got the upper hand against the kingdom of Leyr, I howl and let them flee. Hastily I drive my fellows to the town of Golden Dragon-scales. We swarm through the broken down east portal.

I cry… What a sight! The Kingdom of Neig already has stormed in from the West… hundreds of bodies of dead women and children greet my beasts…
Pearl white humans laugh disgustingly while they’re raping a young half-breed crying in despair. Anger grows virulently in me… A sharp howl runs through my vocal cords.
The pearl white ones notice me and laugh…

“Oh, a beast man… Want a bit?”

“No beast does such shameful deed! Dead for you and your men! Be meat for the wolves!”

I charge one arrow after another until the five lie on the ground being devoured by wolves and hyenas.

I hastily run to the half breed-woman. To late… She’s already dead… I’m losing my temper… My half-man, half-elf blood boils in rage… I growl and howl…
My beasts run through the streets, Koar comes to my side and I swing me onto his wide back. Pearl white man seen, pearl white man slaughtered… This is driving me insane… I haven’t seen yet any half-breed alive! The female bodies are in the worst state…

“And they call us beasts! Let’s show them…!” I scream in rage.

“You are!”


“You are surrounded, beast!”

“Damn…” It’s true… I run straight into a damn trap… My beasts where scattered throughout the whole city…

“The only beasts I see are you, heartless, cruel Neigs…”

“Call us cruel if you want, even beasts. We just do what the voice of the gods say…”

“No god, no goddess nor any holy creature would give such orders! Only clueless, heartless, brainless cruel bastards would do such things!”

“Shut up! Kill this insult!”

“By the mighty dragons once soaring through these black skies! Every beast on living earth will revenge my death and the half-breed ones!”

The pearl white men laugh loudly.

Then… a dark, profound, utterly deep growl floats through the sky above us. A high swooshing noise is falling upon us while the growl loudens and nears…

I look up… What a delightful sight! A fireball strikes down from the dark sky, a shiny golden figure follows it…

I growl loudly… all beasts growl, howl and shriek in unison…

One of the dumbfounded pearl white men cries in a loud terrified voice, “Draaaaagooooonnn!” “Impossible!”

“It can’t be!”

“They’re extinct!”

I keep howling in a high pitch while the flames engulf Koar and myself waiting for my imminent glorifying death… A death by the purifying fire breath of a Golden Dragon…

“Well said… You have some guts, my dear Beast Master…”

A sweet female voice drowns out the roaring flames, I open my eyes and see a beautiful half-breed woman lifting a Great Power Wand over her head. In her other hand, an enormous beautiful black sword…

“Umbra Interfectrix…” I blurt out…

“Oh? You’ve heard?” she asks with a beautiful smile.

Her fire-red hair glides elegantly down her slender and young body…

“Of course, Miria, Sister of Dragons, Magister of Mages, the Fire Sage, the Fire Magi…”

“Oh! You know my name? You’re the first one. Everyone calls me…”

“Berserk Magi! She’s alive!” “Kill her too! And that damn dragon!”

“Oh shut up! We’re having a nice conversation in here!” she shouts to the ones outside the fire dome. Turning to myself she asks with a delightful smile, “What’s your name, dear Beast Master?”

“Arjun,” I reply.

She giggles childishly and then says earnest, “Recall your beasts, they shall leave as fast as possible, if they find any half-breed alive, they shall take it with them.”

I don’t understand completely but I obey this graceful Magi, I let out a loud howl changing from high to low pitch. Immediately more howls can be heard and they fade into the night. Some shrieks answer from distance…

“Thanks, Sha’am… They are gone… No surviving half-breed was found. Only slaughtered bodies… Even my beasts are shocked…” I say sadly.

Her eyes widen, “No livings? All dead?”

I only nod while caressing Koar who weeps slightly. The Magi’s body begins to shiver… not in fear… in anger…

“Yes! We killed all of them! They were not god’s worthy…” we hear from the outside.

“Not worthy!?” I shout, “Shall the fire of these holy Dragon Mountains engulf you and your shameless kingdom!”

Upon my words the Fire Mountains begin to roar, the ground rocks heavy, rivers of lava stream downhill and burning rocks fly towards us… The pearl white men cry in terror…

I look at the Magi before me… She simply smiles gracefully, while I doubtfully point my finger at myself.

“Jump on the dragon’s back, my friend, we leave…”

Koar doesn’t doubt and jumps in a big leap upon the dragon’s vast back, the Magi follows us. The dragon roars and beats its wings. We leave the ground as hot, smoking, bubbling lava covers the battle-stricken ground of the once mighty city.

Horrified cries disappear in the distance as we ascend into the dark sky.

“My dear Arjun, you invoked the rage of the dragons. The spell which held them back for centuries…”


“Look over to the Fire Mountains…”

Hundreds of beasts emerge from the burning hell and rise into the sky.

“What a sight…”

“Who would imagine you used the right words while inside my magic fire dome…”

“Right words?”

“Yes, dear. More specifically, the right intention. The protection of this lair and the annihilation of its enemy…”

Dumbfounded, I sit on Koar who, by itself, sits on the back of the dragon.


A high pitch shriek nears.

“Sha’ham!” The silver falcon perches on my forearm. “Are all safe?” She answers with a slight shriek. “Thanks goddess… I’ll pray for the sixty-six fallen ones.”

The Magi looks at me with mixed emotions, sad eyes and a sad smile while I climb from Koar.

I bow to her, “Thanks for saving the life of my friends, the beasts.”

She frowns her eyebrows while she smiles tenderly, “And yours, my friend?”

“Mine has less value than theirs. I was merely their leader in this failed quest. I have no need to…”

She covers my lips with her delicate finger, “Shh… Your life is as precious as theirs. Saving you was my decision, not an obligation. I was looking for you for ages, dear…”

“Looking for me?”

She kisses me softly on my forehead as her answer.

“I admire your bravery, Arjun, and your selflessness. No mankind in his right mind would do what you did… Trying to save your home city despite being a renegade… Storming into battle and destroying a battalion of heavy-armed men… Only armed with a bow and followed by beasts. You’re not a Beast Master, you’re a Beast Leader… We need you…”


She simply weaves her arm and shows me a wonderful, marvelous view… hundreds of dragons are following us…


A small shriek…

“Ah… Sorry…” I caress the silver falcon on my arm. “Miria, I present you Sha’am, she’s a Silver Falcon.”

She smiles and giggles, “Nice to meet you, Sha’am. I’m Miria,” while she extends her hand and pets the falcon. In return, Sha’am curls her head in Miria’s palm.

“And this big guy is my blood brother Koar, a White Warg.”

“White Warg? I thought they were extinct… Oh… Sorry. Nice to meet you, Koar…”

The Magi pets Koar and he seems to enjoy it like a puppy. What a strange woman…

“Ah. Then I present you Encra, the last Golden Dragon, my sister.”

“Sister? Then it’s true… Nice to meet you, Encra…” The dragon growls softly. “Um. Thank you. I’ll be your friend too. Koar and Sha’am… Yes, definitely, they’ll be your friends too…”

The Magi drops her chin, “Did you understand her?”

“Oh. Yes…”

“Impressive… Truly a Beast Leader you are… I think I really like you…” she smiles while she blushes slightly.


We sit down on Encra’s back and Koar curls down to sleep while allowing us to use him as a pillow. It’s the first time he allows anybody else than myself to do it. Well, she saved our life…


To be continued in Love (is) in the Air

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